Rich returns to American Jewelry to apologise for what happened in the previous episodes; Les accepts his apology and welcomes Rick back, but still warns that he'll be fired if he slips up. Rich would prove his worth when a teenager comes in with a microphone that Rich suspects was stolen, taking the initiative to make sure the stolen mike is recovered and the crook is arrested. Also: a woman tries to sell a television, but not only it's missing the required accessories, she also plays mind games with Les. A man lays down on a massage table (which he calls a "sex bed"), before talking dirty to Ashley, angering Les to a point where he almost strangles him. A man sells his fortune-telling napkin holders, but Les predicts that he won't get all the money he asked for. A man wanted to borrow his computer that he has in hock so he can download his files, but unless he has the money to redeem his pawn, Seth would not let him get it back. A man tries to sell a tricked-out military truck, but Les practically fell in love with it, despite knowing that it would be impossible to make a deal.